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Based on extensive clinical expertise, The Oaks Dental provides specialized medical care on following procedures:

#1 : Golden Ratio Dental Laminate using Dental CAD-CAM

For beautiful smile, the center line of a nose and upper front teeth must be aligned. If their center lines are not aligned to each other, the condition of oral structure must be check out if there is any malocclusion as it or one sided biting habit can lead to facial asymmetry. Long term loss of a natural tooth also triggers deterioration of alveolar bone causing imbalance of facial structure, thus, it is critical to maintain healthy oral structure through appropriate treatment such as orthodontics or dental implants.

Golden-Ratio of a Smile Line

  1. Center line alignment of a face and teeth
  2. Visibility of upper anterior teeth (4 on each side, 8 in total)
  3. Lip ends should not be tilted up or down.
  4. Prominent canine teeth must be symmetrical.
  5. Upper lip should be between upper gums and teeth when smiling.

Most Natural Gum Line Design

The gum line exposed too much or too less between your lips often gives out unnatural impression. If your gum line is too low or too high, laser gingivoplasty can help you achieve beautiful smile without bleeding. For darker or dull gum color, gum peeling or bleaching procedures are used to restore the color of bright pinkish-red gums.

#2 : One-Day Cavity Treatment

The Oaks Dental's Natural Cavity Treatment does not use metal or porcelain-metal that is harmful to human body. Only reinforced ceramic block whose characteristic is very close to natural teeth and harmless to human body is used for the treatment. Instead of taking a dental impression of a patient, a dental CAD-CAM takes 3 dimensional photos of the patient's damaged teeth for accurate and immediate production of prosthetic restoration to treat cavity as fast as One-Day.

The overall process of The Oaks Dental's One-Day Cavity Treatment is done within 1 hour, so the patient does not have to stay long or make several visits to the clinic for the same treatment.

Procedure of One-Day Cavity Treatment

  1. Carefully delete dental caries using microscope.
  2. Apply contrast media to acquire a digital impression.
  3. CAD-CAM takes digital impression of a tooth, which is then saved as 3D data for accurate and fast dental impression production.
  4. Prosthetic restoration designed with the help of digital 3D impression is produced using ceramic block harmless to human body.
  5. Verify the suitability of milled prosthetic restoration and mount it on the cavity site.